Charter Proposal Appears To Have Been Defeated

Votes Tallied As Of 11:00 PM

Yes = 5,186

No = 6,324

Short fall for yes vote 1138

3,237 mail in ballots have been received so far. The advocates for the charter would need to get approximately 70% of the mail in ballots to win. This is highly unlikely but it ain’t over til it’s over.

7 thoughts on “Charter Proposal Appears To Have Been Defeated”

  1. A decisive good versus evil win for Saratoga Springs! Perhaps it’s time that Pat Kane, Gordon Boyd, Bob Turner, etc rethink their residency.


  2. The time to celebrate, peeps, is the same as applies to the national scene: after all the votes are counted.

    I actually think it likely that the margin will increase. But let’s do it properly and with class.

    I would love it if they counted one-by-one, and slowly please. And make all the the leaders of these losers attend this, please, so they can waste a fraction of the time they made the electorate waste on their ill-advised schemes.

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  3. Do you think “they” will get the message and table their plans to try again in 2021??? This charter reform is more annoying than gum under you shoe…


    1. 5,186 voters want a new form of government? I wonder where those ballots were cast? Wondering if they were predominently from condo areas? Second home owners? The local newspaper would print the tallies from all voting districts, but those numbers aren’t easily obtained now.


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