An Appeal To The Leadership of Common Sense Saratoga

In an earlier post I wrote about a video on the Common Sense Saratoga website. The video was originally captioned “Someone sent us this video.” The video purports to be of office furniture thrown away by the city and sitting in the rain outside the Rec Center. The video has a running banner that contains easily documented false statements:

  1. The Commissioner of Finance zeroed out the Rec Department budget (She didn’t.)
  2. The pile of discarded items shown in the video was furniture bought by the city (It wasn’t furniture, and the furniture the city did lease for the temporary offices at the Rec Center was returned to the vendor. The items shown in the video were in fact the partitions used to set up the temporary work areas and had been sold at auction to the high bidder who was scheduled to pick them up.)

Ron Kim and Julie Cuneo are the co-chairs of Common Sense Saratoga and the following is an open letter to them:

Dear Ron and Julie:

This is a follow-up to my email to you both regarding the video that falsely purports to show furniture discarded by the city. In my email I documented how the video contained demonstrably false allegations, and I asked you to take it down.

Your website continually displays banners calling for transparency and accountability. In this age of bots and fake websites, the spirit of that clarion call is welcome.

What I do not understand is how your site can so blatantly violate those principles by displaying that video.

I had taken the liberty of posting comments on your website Common Sense Saratoga exposing the falsehoods in the video. I went up on your site tonight and discovered that my comments are gone. I also found that the text about “somebody sending you the video” was gone.

While I do not support your charter I am sympathetic to your commitment to improve our city. I believe that the value of your proposed ward system is the kind of idea that people of good faith can disagree about.

What I cannot understand is how you can undermine the credibility of your entire proposal by highlighting a video that is so clearly false. I would also have thought that both of you would be embarrassed by such a nakedly dishonest set of claims.

I find it even more troubling that you appear to assume that if you remove my comments from your website that you will be able to take advantage of an innocent public unaware of the truth.

Paraphrasing the late Ronald Reagen, “Mr. Kim and Ms. Cuneo, take down your video.”

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

One thought on “An Appeal To The Leadership of Common Sense Saratoga”

  1. Common sense appears to escape pro-charter change supporters once again. If they were so transparent, why is the Assistant City Manager position their minions keep stating will be handling many of the day-to-day operations missing from their “costs” page? Perhaps because the proposed salary is $135,000, and this would eat away at their argument of a “Day 1” savings.

    It amazes me that once again, this group has become so desperate that they have resorted to disseminating what amounts to propaganda generated by the Times Union across various social media platforms to instill fear in City residents. All for a few votes. This is not right. This is a win at all costs mindset, and largely what has caused our federal government to devolve into a bunch of people we all pay who can’t work together to get things done on behalf of us, its citizens. How can anyone possibly want this for the future of Saratoga?

    These are the people who would be leading us through a transition period to a new government? And the Saratoga Dems endorse this nonsense and behavior?? I am going to assume that somewhere in the SS Dem and pro-charter group exists someone who has some integrity. Someone who actually wants to change the city for the better, who doesn’t have a political axe to grind because people they put forward as candidates keep losing elections. In city that now has a majority of registered Dems, I ask this person, why do you think you can’t get anyone elected? It is because of the people you are selecting and allowing to represent you and your causes. You know who these people are. You probably don’t like them. Not many do, judging by their performance in the 2019 SS election. Time to cut the cord.

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