Another Non-answer from the Charter Change Proponents: Is this the best they can do?

As noted in an earlier post I have been trying to get answers to questions regarding the proposed charter.

Most recently I have been trying to find out how the charter change proponents arrived at the salary of $65,000.00 for their proposed mayor who would have significantly fewer responsibilities than the mayor under our current charter who makes $14,500.

Here are the answers to that question I have gotten so far:

  1. From Ron Kim, co-chair of Common Sense Saratoga: “It’s in the charter” (There is no explanation in the charter.).
  2. From the moderator for the It’s Time Saratoga Facebook page: “It’s “commensurate” with the proposed mayor’s duties” (What does this mean?Most reasonable people would characterize this as a non-answer).

So I tried asking my question again this time trying to appeal to them to live up to their slogan of transparency and accountability by providing a real answer.

After several days of radio silence, they responded with a comment from Rick Thompson (see screenshot below)

Rick Thompson : “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”

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