Silly and Dubious Games From The Leadership of the Group Proposing Changing The City Charter

Those who followed this blog back during the 2017 campaign to change the city’s charter to a city manager form will remember the many dubious actions its advocates employed. The most egregious was a fake survey engineered by the Skidmore Political Science Department which I chronicled in:

I Should Never Have Recommended The Skidmore Survey

The Skidmore Survey Is Gone

A Skidmore College Professor Defends The Survey That Wasn’t A Survey

During that same campaign they created a fake Facebook page. The group opposing the proposed charter called itself Saratoga Springs Success. So the pro charter leadership put up one called Success Saratoga Springs.

Fake Facebook Page From 2017 campaign

This year the opponents to charter change set up a group called Saratoga Works.

So the leadership of the pro charter group decided to go all in and set up multiple sites to divert people looking for information from Saratoga Works.

Here are the ones I have found so far.

This one uses the name Saratoga Works 2020

This one uses Saratogaworks (by using the lower case for the “w”in works they were able to use the same name as the real Facebook page)

This one uses Saratogaworks

Here is a third one that combines the lower case “w” in works and the year 2020. It is apparently still under construction.

Third fake page which is under construction.

Two of the sites were created by Dillon Moran. Mr. Moran ran unsuccessfully against Skip Scirocco for Commissioner of Public Works and is a member of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee.

This stuff is really not very serious. Most people seeking information for the real site will find it. This is a link to the real website for Saratoga Works

This is a link to the Facebook page for Saratoga Works.

Whatever minor mischief they may successfully create will be offset by the further erosion of their credibility.

10 thoughts on “Silly and Dubious Games From The Leadership of the Group Proposing Changing The City Charter”

  1. These charter change people have paid Libby Post, an out of town Albany political consultant, $3,000 (so far) to run their campaign. So was this her idea? Is this what Gordon Boyd is getting for his $10,000 contribution? Yikes!

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    1. Was the school safety group helped by an organization in Florida? I don’t know all the details, but it seems out of town consultants are the norm.


  2. I find it extremely concerning that with less than two months before the election, there has been no effort from the charter change advocates to explain this new form of government to the community. It will have a dramatic impact on the city and voters should be aware of what is being proposed. I have expressed this sentiment to the authors of the new charter – they should be transparent, proactive and communicative to inform Saratogians about the choice they will be asked to make in November. Deliberately trying to misinform and confuse voters via social media is unacceptable. I will reiterate my request that they host a public forum to describe the new form of government they are proposing for Saratoga Springs ASAP, so residents can make an informed choice in November.

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    1. If they do this, they need to be very clear as to what such a change would cost the city. While I am not in favor of this particular change I’m more concerned that even for those that may think it acceptable need to realize that there will be a financial debt to be paid if this goes through. Commissioner Madigan who was instrumental in bringing our finances into an enviable place is now faced with needing to put together a budget in what might be the most challenging of situations. As we don’t know when things will be even close to back to “normal” there may be budgetary challenges for several years to come. It is simply NOT the time to add a significant expense.

      That said, they were not forthcoming two years ago so I don’t hold a great deal of hope that we get a realistic presentation.

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    2. Robin, I agree Saratogians need information about the charter change proposal that will appear on the November ballot. We need more than a one sided forum, though, where proponents describe the new form of government they want unchallenged. This was sadly the kind of event put on by the League of Women Voters the last time this came up. A forum describing the proposal needs to also include a robust conversation about the pros and cons—not just a chance for proponents to give their side alone.


      1. Thank you Fact Checker for reminding me about the League of Women Voters. They have lost their credibility and it is my hope that they reverse the stand that they took last time, and go back to being (somewhat) independent.


  3. There is a strong conforming undercurrent to wanting to standardize ‘government type’ for certain sized metropolitan areas. It is similar to agricultural mono-cropping. Saratoga Springs is a desirable place to live and is doing very well in the current crisis. This is partially related to our unusual government type that is very responsive to the citizens. This is an element of cultural diversity.


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