Five Points Grocery To Close

Regrettably, Maura Pulver, the proprietor of Five Points Grocery is closing her store. Located at the intersections of Lincoln Avenue, Park Place, and Clark Street, it was a classic community store where the staff knew everybody’s name. They had great sandwiches, deserts, and coffee.

Maura was the heart of the place. She worked very hard for over eight years to make the store work. We will miss her and her store.

She plans to open a modified version of the store just serving food at the Senior Citizens Center.

Here is a nice piece from the Times Union.

And another from the Daily Gazette

One thought on “Five Points Grocery To Close”

  1. When I came back to Saratoga after dental school, we lived on Madison Street. Five
    Points was a full service grocery store that was definitely a vital neighborhood center. Closing this store is very sad, especially since it is the only remaining remnant of the many independent grocers who at one time were operating throughout the City.

    Chris Mathiesen


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