An Extremely Disturbing Video of Lexis Figuereo, A Leader Of All Of Us

This is a very disturbing video that contains some very ugly language that some people may find difficult to listen to.

Lexis Figuereo confronts Pastor Earl Wallace of the Liberty Christian Fellowship Church who was part of the Back the Blue demonstration on the evening of July 30. The video shows the Saratoga Springs police officers trying to get between the minister and the crowd in order to avoid an escalation. In the background Mr. Figuereo is shouting through a bullhorn.

On July 31 Mr. Figuereo addressed this incident in a video on the All of Us Facebook Page. He says he regrets his earlier remarks and asserts that the behavior exhibited is not who he really is but that his anger over injustice clouded his judgement.

He makes no reference to apologizing to Pastor Wallace.

4 thoughts on “An Extremely Disturbing Video of Lexis Figuereo, A Leader Of All Of Us”

  1. Close your eyes and you think you were in the 60’s with southern red necks jeering the freedom riders…. not the black “leader” of BLM/ALL or US taunting at a Black minister trying to dialog. The “Character” of this generation surly disappoints compared to those that fought with their intellect and unbowed heads. Shame on ALL of US…


    1. The language used is both ugly and self-defeating, and All of Us would benefit by being led by someone who can focus their justified anger in a way that can build a coalition and achieve a positive outcome. That said, I’ll take this moment of someone praising the civil rights efforts of the 60s to remind readers that based off polling done at that time (link below) Martin Luther King Jr. had a high disapproval rating, a minority of white people thought he was helping the cause of civil rights, and more than 30% of respondents thought he brought his own death upon himself. Again, by no means am I comparing the individual in the video to King, but I just wanted to highlight that those fighting for civil rights are often underappreciated in their time, as Colin Kaepernick dealt with up until recently.


      1. At the time of his death, ML King was the most influential American alive. 30% disapproval? Perhaps but probably 62% approval.
        Closer to the truth—the largest city without a riot in Apr-1968, was Atlanta…..Atlanta, the home of ML King. There were riots in 110 to 150 other cities, but not in King’s home town….That’s the difference between love and anger.


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