A Profile of Lexis Figuereo: Leader of Saratoga “All of Us”

The Daily Gazette Newspaper published a profile of Lexis Figuereo who is identified as a leader of the group “All of Us” in Saratoga Springs.

The story describes the difficult childhood he had in New York State’s youth penal system.

The story notes:

Figuereo does not mince words or conform to what some of the activists derisively refer to as “respectability politics.”

Gazette July 27, 2020

This is a screen shot from the recent “community conversation.” It clearly reflects his approach. Nedra Hickenbottom, seen below, is his mother who was also interviewed in the Gazette article.

6 thoughts on “A Profile of Lexis Figuereo: Leader of Saratoga “All of Us””

  1. I was observing Sunday’s protest and watched Mr. Figuereo stop in front of the police station to chant that they were murderers and racist f****. And as pictured and witnessed in the community conversation, give the finger many times, along with his family members. Not sure how this approach and 13 Demands are going to be successful with this kind of ‘leadership’.. it sadly feels like if anything, his profanity and messaging only hurts the BLM movement as opposed to helping it.


    1. So true John D. And I agree.
      But try to delete (if you can) the profanity,….. and then put yourself in his inherited shoes.
      I am a white senior citizen, I have enjoyed white privilege for many years.
      But I have witnessed many, many times that my black/latino associates and friends were subjected to obvious discrimination. Discrimination by tough police officers and city officials. Etc.
      Let’s all look at this with compassion for our fellow man.


  2. Pretty sad state of affairs if this is the best “black” leader that the city will have deal with to address the CUOMO mandated community reform plan. I still can’t tell if Lexis Figuereo lives in Saratoga Springs or Ballston Spa and has any standing in these discussions with the Saratoga Springs Police.
    Reviewing the ZOOM transcript all you read is a childish tantrum about these 13 “demands” but they can’t listen to what is possible for the Commissioner and/or the Police dept can do under the constraints of the County Government framework, the Law, or Union Contracts. The one DEMAND that is already addressed by Cuomo’s executive order (5 years ago) and recently passed into STATE law on the choke hold issue. If you want to avoid the use of excessive force then you should have more police working in teams to watch each other’s backs when confronted with uncertain situations.
    All I can see is an individual that is taking the accidental death, not “Murder” of Darryl Mount just like Al Sharpton used Tawana Brawley false rape charge to propel himself to “greatness”. Lexis states that he is in the papers and all these people are deferring to ME – “the leader”. I see a man child leading a bunch of “useful idiots” to play in traffic and stump their feet and hold their collective breathes.
    So when is Lexis going to have this sit down with Commissioner Dalton and Police Chief Crooks with the city streaming on Facebook so it’s OPEN to the public? Be careful what you ask for you may not like the results.


  3. Henry37

    I agree with you, 100%. But the problem I fear is that far more people are going to get stuck on the profanity and not the underlying cause, which again does little for BLM.


  4. I find this particular situations sad. I completely support the initial mission of Black Lives Matter and I hear (not going to pretend I’m able to understand) their anger. I was in support of the first few of the protests in our city. I agree with John D’s position that we need to have empathy. That said, we lost a great Civil Right’s leader this past week, Representative John Lewis who I believe would counsel Mr. Figuereo on the need for civility and peaceful protests. Representative Lewis accomplished a great deal of change without being crude, rude and nasty. The current behavior has not changed my mind about supporting Black Lives Matter yet it has eroded my support for this particular group who I think is being lead by someone who is more intent on his own power and potential legacy than he is on any actual solutions.


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