Broadway Project Raises Preservation Foundation Concerns; News Articles on Developer Disturbing

Bob and Gerard Moser of Prime Group Holdings are proposing a mixed use development for 269 Broadway.

Location of Proposed Mixed Use Building

The Saratoga Spring Preservation Foundation has expressed reservations regarding the project. This is a link to their website where there is a rendering of what it would look like.

Here is a link to their letter to the Planning Board and Design Review Board. They indicate that its scale and design are inconsistent with the location.

News Articles Raises Troubling Questions About The Developer.

Bob Moser who is identified as the owner of Morgan RV Resorts lives here in Saratoga Springs. His company Prime Group Holdings has offices in the Wise Building on Railroad Place.

As best as I can tell, Morgan RV Resorts, of which he was a principal, had offices here in Saratoga Springs on Putnam Street but seems to no longer exist. A google search produced this:

It appears that Morgan RV Resorts evolved into Morgan Vacation Resorts.

According to Seacoast On Line:

…Morgan RV Resorts of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a business now called Morgan Recreation Vacations at its online website, In court records, Flagg’s is listed as a Delaware company, and in 2007, was among seven campgrounds Morgan used as collateral toward a $38 million loan from Countrywide Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc.

April 3, 2013

A Google search for Morgan Recreation Vacations did not produce a site.

When I attempted to access I retrieved a page that stated:


You don’t have permission to access this resource.

I did find a number of articles searching “Morgan RV Resorts Litigation.”

Among the stories of Morgan RV Resorts legal problems was a story regarding litigation brought by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakly in 2011 against the company.

Here is a link to an August 24, 2011 story in the Saratogian.

Beginning in 2011 Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakly sued Morgan RV Resorts that had offices on Putnam Street here in Saratoga Springs. Coakley told the Cape Cod Times:

“This company took advantage of elderly customers and retirees who invested a significant amount of money in their homes.”

“It is difficult to believe that any business would try to strong arm people who worked and saved their entire lives so they could enjoy their golden years.”

Cape Code Times June 7, 2012

Here are links to two stories detailing the litigation and resulting settlement. Here and here.

This is a link to a similar case involving the company in York, Maine. In this story Mr. Moses responds directly.

2 thoughts on “Broadway Project Raises Preservation Foundation Concerns; News Articles on Developer Disturbing”

  1. Certainly the Preservation Foundation has the right to review and comment on this building. In regards to Prime Holding, they are located at the intersection of Washington St. & Railroad Pl, not the Wise Building on Division.
    Prime Holdings is currently the largest owner of self-storage facilities in the US, and wants to have it’s own office building for it’s corporate headquarters in Saratoga. With the Loss of AYCO from Downtown, and the associated jobs, hopefully these jobs can replace some of those lost.


    1. I don’t understand how any permanent jobs will be added. Prime Holdings will simply vacate their existing offices on Railroad and Washington. And the extra space intended for restaurant, coffee shop, stores and offices will just add more commercial space to the glut we will be experiencing when not all existing small business survive the pandemic. This project is massive with a zero lot line and towering over the 2-3 story buildings on either side. This project should be scaled way back for many reasons.


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