Saratoga Springs Department of Public Safety Responds To Most Recent Anti-Racism Protest

I spoke earlier this week with Commissioner of Public Safety, Robin Dalton. She had sent out a release about a Facebook event her department had planned to share her department’s response to the murder of George Floyd, publicize to the community that the policies and procedures of the police department have been posted on the city’s website, and take questions from the community.

She told me that the event had been planned several weeks prior and she only learned the day before the department’s planned event that there would be a demonstration regarding the death of George Floyd at the same time .

Commissioner Dalton told me:

“When we learned of the conflict I discussed the issue with the leadership of the Police Department. We were all of one mind. Racism is a plague on our society and we need to support any reasonable effort to combat it. We agreed that the spotlight should be on the demonstration and that our event could and should be rescheduled.”

I asked her about how the police would handle the anticipated blocking of traffic by the demonstrators. She told me:

“The department is committed to the mission of ‘protect and serve.’ Our number one priority is safety. Safety for the demonstrators and safety for any bystanders. Any actions by our officers will be informed by this standard.”

Below is a press release issued by the Commissioner along with a video report of the demonstration from Channel Thirteen News

Release From Department of Public Safety

Saratoga Springs, Department of Public Safety

  Robin Dalton, Commissioner

  Eileen Finneran, Deputy Commissioner

City Hall  Saratoga Springs, New York 12866        


June 30, 2020

It has come to our attention that in the last few days a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest has been scheduled for the same time as our planned community conversation. Out of respect for people who want to participate in both events, we will be rescheduling our community conversation for the following Wednesday, July 8 at 5pm. Our hope is to have this conversation with as many people as possible such that every voice can be heard.

Please join the Saratoga Springs Police Department Chief Shane Crooks and Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton for the first in a series of community conversations. In this first discussion, hear about our plans for the department and our city in response to the murder of George Floyd and the publication of our policies and procedures pertaining to the SSPD. Question and Answer session to follow. Per the safety protocols in place for the city at this time, this will be held online, via Zoom. We will publish the link to the meeting the day of. 

This is the first in a series of monthly discussions to be hosted by the SSPD and Department of Public Safety, email with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you,

Commissioner Robin Dalton

Link to event Facebook page:

This is a link to the channel thirteen feature on the demonstration

2 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs Department of Public Safety Responds To Most Recent Anti-Racism Protest”

  1. Valid points were brought up by demonstrators. Horse patrol? How much does that cost taxpayers? Do we have a K-9 unit? Is that necessary when the Sheriff can always be called to assist? How many times did we need K-9 in last ten years? We are in desperate financial crisis, time to get fiscally serious. By the way, why are there always 8 to 10 patrol cars parked on Maple Ave.? And don’t say it was between shifts. It’s all day, every day. There are not very many patrol cars on the road in each shift. Not in my neighborhood anyway.

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    1. If you had witnessed the protest several Saturdays ago, you would have seen the horse patrol in action where they were able to position themselves between protestors and some very angry drivers who were being blocked. They got between the protestors and at least one man who was ready to confront the is an aggressive manner, giving the other officers the change to get the cars turned around and out of the conflict. I was, for one, impressed and appreciative of all of their actions done with respect despite some real attempts to negatively engage them.


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