City Announces Plans For Reopening

Above is a press release from Mayor Kelly’s office announcing the end of the city’s “State of Emergency.” It expired on June 12.

The city anticipates moving its employees into city hall during the week of June 29.

Mayor Kelly currently plans for the July 7, 2020, City Council meeting to be “in-person.” Seating for the public will be limited. The rules for attending will be posted at a later date.

At its June 17, 2020, meeting the Council adopted a plan for how the city will operate in order to address COVID19 as it reopens. The regulations should go into effect on June 17. The Mayor hopes to open city hall to the public in mid- July.

The full details are below but briefly:

  1. People seeking services in city hall will have to sign in.
  2. People seeking services in city hall will have to be masked.
  3. Employees serving people in city hall will have to wear masks.
  4. There will be extensive rules for how to decontaminate surfaces and what protective procedures will be required of employees to protect both the public and their fellow employees.

City Adopts Plan To Open Local Businesses

The city has adopted a radically liberalized policy for restaurants to expand to areas adjacent to their property. There will be no charge for the permit and there appears to be no official requirements. Permits will be reviewed on an individual basis. The program will expire on Labor Day.

This is a brief story from WNYT on plans to open.

This is story from WAMC also on plans to open.

This is a story from the Saratogian.

This is a story from the Gazette.

4 thoughts on “City Announces Plans For Reopening”

  1. JK
    Wouldn’t it be so nice for all of the citizens of Saratoga Springs, to have some escorts show everyone the new layout of City Hall? Knowing Mayor Kelly, she is probably already got this figured out. I hope so. It has always been a puzzle for residents to know what department does what? And where that department is located in the building. I hope things will be easier with the City Hall of the future, the one that taxpayers deserve.

    Liked by 1 person

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