Commissioner Madigan Takes Strong Exception To Release By Blogger

In covering the continuing fiscal crisis the city is facing I published a spreadsheet produced by the Department of Finance that addressed the city’s monthly cash flow. This was the same information that had been sought by Accounts Commissioner John Franck.

In a spirited email to me, Commissioner Michele Madigan asserted that the spreadsheet was an internal document and that my decision to publish the document was inappropriate. She advised that she would no longer be responding to my communications to her.

In fact, this is a public document and FOILable, but also this document was and is available on the web. Because the city is seeking a bond to address the immediate need to cover the June payroll, the city was required to publish a variety of information. This is because investors have a right to information about the city in order to assess the risk of such bonds. The spreadsheet was part of a larger document prepared by the law firm the city engaged to issue the bond, Walsh and Walsh, LLP. The spreadsheet is on page 43.

I have sympathy for Commissioner Madigan’s response to me. She is under a great deal of stress. Commissioner Madigan is dedicated to this city and to the need to inform its citizens. I am hopeful that over time she will reconsider communicating with me.

Readers of this blog may recall that I had previously sent her a series of questions about the city’s plans to address the $15 to $17 million dollar short fall projected by Commissioner Madigan. At the time she had emailed me that she planned to address my questions. At least in the short run, this is not going to happen.

9 thoughts on “Commissioner Madigan Takes Strong Exception To Release By Blogger”

  1. This is a yet another example of just how unfit she is for this position. Perhaps Patty wasn’t the perfect candidate, but c’mon, people!
    Also, what’s going on with the fiber deal she got us into? She has been advised by industry professionals to stay out of that deal, and that the company she chose literally has never implemented it before. I am sure she will cite her friends as professionals who advised otherwise. I wonder why this was so important her… hmmmmm

    Drain the swamp!


    1. Are you kidding? If I recall Patty wanted to have MUCH lower fund balance which would have put us in significantly greater financial stress. Like her or not, Madigan has done a great job of keeping us solvent and at least somewhat prepared for such an unexpected crisis.


  2. Was it a pubic FOILable document when you published it? I haven’t followed this closely enough to know the answer, but wonder if the answer to that question is what upset the good Commissioner.
    The following themes have appeared on this blog over the last several weeks (or months):
    (1) People, such as John K and Comm Franck, asking Comm Madigan to spend her time compiling public info that they could compile themselves when her time is better spent addressing the current fiscal crisis, and then lambasting her for focusing on her job instead of doing their work for them.
    (2) People demanding Comm Madigan provide them with information that is not yet publicly available because it is still being prepared, discussed internally, or being vetted. Premature release of this kind of information / data causes confusion and leads to cynicism. We have a serious crisis on our hands and the situation is evolving.

    I find it hard to believe that John K read the “larger document prepared by the law firm the city engaged to issue the bond” and just happened to find the spreadsheet on page 43, and then rushed to publish it. Again, I may be wrong, but this claim seems too coincidental. If, in fact, it was published here in a form provided in an internal document, and before the finance department published it in this format, then perhaps Comm Madigan has a point.

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  3. Well, a simple question:
    If it’s an internal document, how did you get it? Were you given it with the proviso that it was off the record or confidential?

    If it’s public, all you did was amplify it.

    Motion to dismiss granted, with a notation that the blogger and Comm. Madigan have worked well together for quite some time, and I trust they will again.


  4. Ugh. Can’t stand avocados. Or by any other pseudonyms.
    South Side is the best side, like sunny-side-up, ya know? But debt is debt, and during a pandemic, let’s not blame the Commish. We are going to have debt, and comm. Madigan is the right person to find a way to get us in the…..oh oh, almost said black….so she will get us solvent again.
    She has already had to deal with a City Hall struck by lightning, and found a way to get things right, and also Mayor Kelly too.
    I have confidence that we will survive the pandemic, and Saratoga Springs will again be the place to be. Think positive thoughts.


    1. The west is the best by the way but that is another door…Forget the pandemic or the latest campaign smear, debt is the result of poor planning, bad breaks, incompetence, corruption or the combination of all said….solution?…let’s refinance that’ll help but it only delays the wrecking’in….are we in city hall yet? Have the local Dems come to the realization that Cuomo is not our friend and in my opinion the new fire ems station is in the wrong place and skippy should walk to work.


  5. WOW! All of our city officials are working incredibly hard right now and doing the best with a very difficult situation and for some of you rather than supporting them, all you can do is find fault (and not in productive manner but with snark and assumptions). Shame – do something to help or sit down, please!


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