3 thoughts on “Will Saratoga Springs Run Out Of Money?”

  1. These are difficult times. I trust my city council and support the idea of furloughs because it is, the best alternative to layoffs. As for the large departments, I must ask again, “How many employees do we need to provide, protect and serve our city?” The answer has never been forthcoming. I understand the protective Union response, but the city and its citizens are under siege. Time to sharpen the pencils. The wells are stressed. People are beginning to bleed.


    1. The most obvious focus will be on Public Safety. With greatly diminished arrests, and crime, we see the PR campaign with neighborhood visits with the horse patrol. The fire dept. also can trim personnel here and there. The unions will resist furloughs, but it is in their best interest to cooperate. The PS commissioner had the backing of the unions in her campaign, so she is in a tight spot. The taxpayers need her to make the right decision. Sooner than later.


    2. The situation is beyond dire. I support Commissioner Madigan’s statement that furloughs are necessary. Furloughs will have to be a part of the City Council’s approach to our serious budget shortfall if we are to crawl out of this fiscal abyss.

      The City departments base their staffing levels on their needs to meet their responsibilities for a community that is very busy with conventions, special events, SPAC, the racing meet, Caroline Street, etc. We are facing a much quieter spring and summer. We can get by with fewer leaf pick-ups and road repairs for a year. We don’t need as much parking rule enforcement and traffic enforcement for now. There will be fewer applications for licenses in the Accounts Department. Developers and residents will understand that the Building Department can not function with the usual level of efficiency.

      The only department that can not have their staffing levels temporarily reduced is the Fire/EMS Department. That department requires continuous staffing levels in order to maintain a safe level of response time to the emergencies that inevitably occur in and around the City.

      Chris Mathiesen


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