Saratoga Police and Druthers Support Hospital Staff: Our Community Comes Together

[JK: From the Saratoga Springs Police Facebook Page]

“The Saratoga Springs PBA wanted to do something for the amazing Emergency Room and ICU staff of Saratoga Hospital, so they ordered a meal to deliver from Druthers Brewing Company. Officers went to Druthers to pick up their purchase only to discover that not only did Druthers donate the meal made for the hospital staff, but they also made food for the Police and Fire Departments! Huge thank you to Druthers. To the staff at Saratoga Hospital: thank you will never be enough. We see the hard work you are doing and the personal sacrifices you are making!”

From Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton:

“I continue to be inspired by the passion and dedication of our police and fire departments. They are leading by example in this time of crisis and we all applaud them.”

2 thoughts on “Saratoga Police and Druthers Support Hospital Staff: Our Community Comes Together”

  1. Excellent story, John!

    Please, feel free to share this with the group.
    It’s only 4-5 minutes long.

    John Galt speech Atlas Shrugged Part III:

    Interesting times, indeed.

    -JC :-\


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