Saratoga Hospital Receives High Rating

The New York Public Interest Research Group has published a paper documenting the apparent problems in our state’s hospitals. The piece draws heavily from a rating done by the U.S. Department of Human Services. Here is an excerpt from the paper:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes an annual Compare which reports the quality of the nation’s hospitals to the public. It gives each hospital one, two, three, four, or five quality stars, with one star-hospitals being the worst and five stars-hospitals the best. In 2019 New York hospitals reported together having only 2.18 quality stars out of the maximum 5.0 quality stars. New York overall had lower quality stars than all of the 49 other states.

It should be noted that measuring things like patient care are often as much art as science. Still it is reasonable to assume that broadly speaking these numbers tell us something about our state’s hospitals.

For us the most interesting results are that our own Saratoga Hospital was one of only twelve hospitals in upstate New York receiving a four star rating, No upstate hospitals received a five star rating and only one hospital in all of New York received a five start rating.

Albany Medical Center in Albany County received a one star rating.

Albany Adirondack Medical Center [JK: Corrected from original posting] in Essex County received a four star rating.

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