Warmest Wishes For A Happy New Year!

I want to wish all my readers a very happy new year. I would say that taken as a whole, Saratoga Springs has been something of an island of sanity considering the national picture. Let’s hope that next year will bring greater harmony both here in our city and nationally.

7 thoughts on “Warmest Wishes For A Happy New Year!”

  1. In wishing us all a Happy New Year–


    Here is a goofy story to share with you.

    When everyone is making their resolutions & BS during New Years dinner etc, 
share this thought about how things might be different if you were:
 A retired 10th grade English teacher! 

    An old friend retired after 30 years teaching Composition and Rhetoric to goofy sophomoric teenagers at the local HS. 
She was lamenting: How 2020 will usher in utter madness for her!


    Apparently, lack of enunciation was one of her pet peeves.

    “It’s the INTER-net! Not INNER-net!” She would exclaim.

    This is the same woman whom sported a sign in her classroom that read:


    Ahhh, a blessed Scottish Presbyterian type from the old tartan wool.

    So, while we complain about what needs to be done to change the world (and rid us of all of self-opportunist demagogues), all we need to know is this simple thought, which will quell all our fears and anxieties; as we move forward into this new, swinging 20’s, decade…know this:

    Somewhere, in a small town in upstate NY resides an old, blue-haired daughter of the American Revolution; whom has to endure 10 years (yes 10) of news anchors and the like; saying “twunnie-twunnie,” as the little voice inside her old Celtic knoggin screams: 


And that’s not the half of it.

    Sometime around 2000, Apple launched it’s “Think Different” campaign and killed the adverb.

    That really got her going. Now, the only persons who use adverbs are telemarketers.

    “What is the purpose of your call?” You say.

    “Well, ACTUALLY;” they say.
    Think about it.

    Actually, is the only adverb that will survive because of brane-fartz. (lol)

    And lastly, the humble “semicolon.”

    It’s right there on the keyboard; to the right of “L.”

    Years back, kids used to get graded on such things.

    So, be thankful you’re not a retired academic.
    And pity the old sloths for giving those of us, such a hard time of it, back when it mattered.
    Payback’s an itch! (lol)

    Have a healthy and prosperous New Decade all!

    -JC ;O)


  2. Happy New Year John. Looking forward to another year of your great work! Thank you so much for keeping us on top of all the issues important to keeping our city one of the best in the state..


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