City’s Bike Trail Takes Major Step Forward. Take A Look.

Top image shows transition from town of Milton’s bike trail to new Geyser trail. Second image continues on.
As a reference in top picture there is the Geyser School in top left and bridge over railroad tracks is at far right. Continues on in bottom image. As a reference the purple spot is intersection of Geyser Road with Route 50 at Spa Park.

Take A Look At Your Bike Trail

Mayor Kelly delivers again as the city awards the contracts to construct the new Geyser Bike Trail. The new leg will run from the Milton town line to the intersection of Geyser Road and Route 50.

The trail languished for years. Past administrations were bogged down by litigation as the Town of Milton and homeowners along the proposed path fought with the city. Mayor Kelly quietly worked with the combatants and forged agreements that have made possible the actual construction of the trail.

William J. Keller & Sons Construction of Castleton won the contract with the lowest bid of the seven submitted. The construction is to begin next year with a target of mid November next year for its completion.

The city has $2.3 million dollars in Federal grants toward the total projected cost of $3.8 million. The trail will stretch for 2.8 miles. A paved path 8 feet wide will run along the North side of Geyser Road.

According to an excellent story by Stephen Williams in the Gazette, some 11,000 vehicles use the road daily between the industrial park and route 50. The trail is part of an ambitious 23 mile “Greenbelt” trail the city hopes to eventually complete.

4 thoughts on “City’s Bike Trail Takes Major Step Forward. Take A Look.”

  1. Yes, Mayor Kelly deserves a lot of credit for this accomplishment. So does Mayor Yepsen who worked hard on the Geyser Road Trail and made great progress. So does Supervisor Veitch, the Southwest Neighborhood Association and other current and former members of the City Council. The people who worked behind the scenes including the City attorney and the professionals in the Planning Department were crucial to making this happen.

    Chris Mathiesen


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