City Council Election Results: White Walkers Zero

All but one district in Saratoga Springs has reported as of the time of this post (10:53 November 5, 2019). Meg Kelly won decisively over her opponent, Tim Holmes, 66% to 33% in the race for Mayor.

A malfunctioning voting machine will not yield results tonight from the last district. Enough results are in, though, to call the following races:

Robin Dalton won over Kendall Hicks in the race for Commissioner of Public Safety.

Skip Scirocco won over Dillon Moran for Public Works Commissioner.

Michele Madigan won over Patty Morrison for Commissioner of Finance.

5 thoughts on “City Council Election Results: White Walkers Zero”

  1. If only someone captured the look on Wendy Liberatore’s face when she slithered out of the Holiday Inn last night. Looked beat down and dejected, like someone peed in her proverbial cheerios.

    I guess that’s what happens when you spend your time conjuring up sensationalist plots and conspiracy theories, rather than doing your actual job of reporting news in an unbiased fashion.

    Even in her TU article today reporting the election results, she tries to further her narrative that Meg, Robin, and Michele won because of campaign donations from builders and developers. Let it go! It didn’t work at the polls last night, and it doesn’t work now.

    These people won because enough people did their research and didn’t just vote along party lines. Too bad the results just didn’t work out according to Wendy&Co.’s contrived plot.

    Maybe next time the Democrats can put forward legitimate candidates instead of hoping that lies, smear campaigns and scare tactics will win them seats at the table.

    Saratoga Springs has spoken and it turns out that TRUTH WINS and FACTS MATTER.

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