More Problems For The Hicks Campaign

In an article published in the October 31 edition of the Gazette, Kendall Hicks denied receiving letters from prison from a woman convicted of child pornography involving her daughter. Mr. Hicks told the reporter that he was on active duty and that the woman he was then living with failed to forward the letters to him.

The problem is that he was stationed locally not oversees at that time. In fact the envelopes show that neither letter was sent to his home address where his then partner was living. Letters were sent to his post office box in Saratoga Springs and to an address in Johnstown. Mr. Hicks owns apartments in Johnstown where presumably the correspondence was sent.

3 thoughts on “More Problems For The Hicks Campaign”

  1. JK–Why is this soooooo important?

    Character assassination is so Clintonesque.
    How about just focusing on qualifications for the position?


    -JC 😦


  2. So in the Gazette (10/31/19) Hicks says he never got these letters from this woman in prison because “they weren’t forwarded to him by his then partner.” In the attached WAMC interview, though, he tells Lucas Willard the letters were stolen from him by an ex partner. Which is it? Also what’s up with the ugly robo calls he’s pushing out this week end?
    Here’s the link to the WAMC story:


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