Mayor Kelly Announces EMS Location For East Side and Eastern Plateau

[JK: I received this press release from Mayor Kelly’s Office]


Mayor Meg Kelly, City of Saratoga Springs, is thrilled to announce that she has secured a tentative agreement for a third FIRE/EMS station. Mayor Kelly is negotiating a land-use agreement for a parcel located on the Oklahoma side of the Saratoga Race Course, after years of unsuccessful efforts spanning numerous administrations. This station will serve “District 3”, including the ‘eastern plateau’, a region that has been advocating since its considerable growth for improved response rates.

“Finding the right location to meet this critical need has been my top priority,” states Mayor Kelly. “My administration has been steadfast in its efforts to make improved FIRE/EMS service a reality for our citizens, and it is happening.

Thanks goes to the Franchise Oversight Board for its thoughtful consideration of an excellent solution to this longstanding issue. I would also like to thank the New York Racing Association (NYRA) for supporting and facilitating this important public safety matter.”

The Mayor believes that the long-awaited FIRE/EMS Station 3 will be huge asset to the people of the City of Saratoga Springs.

“I appreciate all of the many efforts that have gone into and will continue to go into the completion of this essential building and service. We will see this through,” states the Mayor

14 thoughts on “Mayor Kelly Announces EMS Location For East Side and Eastern Plateau”

  1. This is excellent news!

    The sad part is how many people thought this was a non-issue, including members of this forum. Few months ago I pointed out folks literally losing their lives on the Eatern Plateau, due to slow response times, and they brushed it off.

    City council also didn’t seem to do much about it, until fires were lit under their rear ends in the upcoming election.

    Either way, progress is progress, and I’ll take it. Thank you.


    1. I believe that the Council has been working on this since the last election. The difference is that this Mayor doesn’t toot her own horn until she has something specific to share. Another big difference between the current administration and the last is they are able to work together to get things accomplished. The entire Council deserves a big standing ovation for getting done (in a year and a half) what has been needed for way too many years.

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      1. Barbara Stamas – dead.
        Diane Rosenthal – dead.

        But I am incredibly grad that your buddies at the city council are doing their best. Heroes! Please do post more gala photos on Facebook of you all hugging each other. Mayor Y. truly did fire some people for cause – the last hero of the city council.

        Go out and vote!


      1. Papa Toga – I don’t know who you are (though I can make a few good guesses) as you choose to hide behind a pseudonym where I choose to stand behind my comments and opinions. Transparency never was a trait of those who followed Mayor Y (as you call her). Remember, she remains the only Mayor to be found unethical by her own Ethics Board (2x) and censured by her own City Council. So, if you want to call her a hero – your credibility is clearly questionable. And, yes, I was fired. I was fired for refusing to lie for her and cover her butt in her ethics case. I was fired because I won’t abide by her telling me who I could be friends with or who’s posts I could like on facebook – on my own time. I was fired because I chose to stand by my ethics and professional demeanor as opposed to seeing every single person who disagreed with her as the “enemy”. I was fired at the urging of the McTygues and Ray Watkin because I saw them as constituents – like anyone else – and refused to kiss their rings and recognize them as unelected psuedo members of the administration. Shall I go on! I could but based on your devotion to Ms. Y I doubt you’d believe me – much like those who support Trump will defend anything they do.

        As for the East Side station, Ms. Y may have tried but those she so depended on to tell her how to run her office were the same people who trashed the attempt with their law suit – yet had no suggestions on other ideas. Mayor Kelly has accomplished in a year and half what Ms. Y could not accomplish in 4. So, my dear, while it is absolutely tragic that anyone lost a home, was injured or died, this happened before the current administration and your desire to put it on them is misplaced as is your devotion to Ms. Y. and her minions.

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  2. Not trying to be a Debbie-Downer, but…….
    Where are the numbers for the additional firemen who will need to be hired to staff station #3? Additional fire trucks that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? Minimum shift, per contract, calls for at least three firemen to staff a sub-station. Let me see how much this will cost us to provide fire protection to the eastern plateau, where people moved there since the 1970s, knowing full well that the closest fire station was miles away. Could we not compromise a solution by utilizing the Quaker Springs fire station that is located only yards away from the Saratoga Lake bridge? It all sounds rosy now, just before elections, but please show me the TOTAL yearly cost for maintaining another fire station.


    1. Debbie Downer should know that the volunteer Quaker Springs fire station is not capable of providing the same response times and level of service that the Saratoga Springs Fire/EMS Department provides for our citizens. The department needs a third engine crew anyway. Call volume has increased to the point where too often both engine crews are out on calls and there is no one left to answer a third simultaneous emergency. Staffing can be worked out so that the increases in costs and in total firefighters per shift can be minimized. Yes, some expenditures will go up but remember that this department generates significant income. Appropriate staffing will result in less stress on the department, more efficiency and effectiveness and greater overall safety for our community.

      Chris Mathiesen

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      1. I said compromise a solution by utilizing the Quaker Springs fire station. I was referring to the building, not the volunteers. The building is already there, staff it with our men, if necessary. At least we aren’t selling valuable Broadway property to gain a new overpriced station in the Union Ave. swamp.
        Also, the call volume that Mr. Mathiesen refers to, was self-imposed by the firemen’s union, for job protection. Everybody should know that by now. The number of fires has been drastically reduced, therefore the union pushed for job security by becoming the EMS for the city.


  3. This is very good news. It is a good location since it will serve both the eastern plateau and easily coordinate with the two other stations in serving the busy core of the City. Thanks Mayor Kelly, other Council members, the City attorney and all others who helped get this done.

    Chris Mathiesen

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    1. If you read carefully, you will understand that many details have yet to be worked out, but this Mayor has made that a part of her charge along with her City Council. As for timing, it made sense to have this announcement now (yes, before the election), because it would not only publicize the progress made on this long debated issue than to prolong the such positive news.

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  4. Henry 37 should know that the Quaker Springs station on the other side of the Fish Creek bridge is too far away from the core of the City to function well as a third Fire/EMS station. Response times would be atrocious. Also, it is hard to imagine why the volunteers would give up their station house to Saratoga Springs. As far as call volume for the SSFD is concerned, one reason why the number of fires has decreased is due to the work of the fire and code departments with their pro-active inspections. That said, fires still occur and we still have to be ready to respond appropriately. Call volume continues to increase because this is a busy City, not because of some plot on the part of the firefighters union.

    Chris Mathiesen

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  5. Papa Toga – Challenge accepted! If you go to my page you can see some new pics of some of us “hugging” each other at the Veteran’s Ball. While it may be fun, “we” support important causes and enjoy each other’s company doing it. Sorry you find that to be something nefarious….A bit weird too!


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