Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner And Others Drop Support for Kendall Hicks Campaign

Statement From Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner:

“As a state legislator who represents thousands of people living in Saratoga and Washington Counties, I feel that it is my responsibility to make it very clear that I am unequivocally opposed to any and all violence perpetrated against women.


The photograph that has come under scrutiny of myself and Mr. Kendall Hicks was taken prior to any of the information regarding his past domestic violence allegations being disclosed. From this point forward as a matter of protocol I will be doing a more strenuous vetting of candidates who are seeking to use my likeness to promote their candidacies.  


Please know that I have limited detail related to the incident in question and will not weigh in on a matter I have no direct knowledge of. However, I am comfortable stating that running for public office is not for everybody. When you decide to seek public office, the electorate has the right to know about your personal background and the media has a duty to inform the the public.


I have decided not to endorse in the race for Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Public Safety”


Carrie Woerner


From County Supervisor Tara Gaston’s Facebook Page



From Dillon Moran who is running for Commissioner Of Public Works [In Picture from left to right: Patty Morrison, Dillon Moran, Kendall Hicks, and Ellen Egger-Aimone]


5 thoughts on “Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner And Others Drop Support for Kendall Hicks Campaign”

    1. I have heard this as well, Rob. If true this is particularly interesting because many of the Democratic Committee members who remained on the committee and control it now were involved in recruiting Mr. Hicks to run.

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  1. Carrie is a great gal.

    She was at the scout dinner last night and gave a wonderful presentation.
    She is smart to distance herself from this train wreck.

    Good for her!



  2. I’m disappointed that these “progressive dems” pulled their endorsements after a character assassination of this calibre. The charges were dismissed. All the phoniness of this pro MeToo attitude rings hollow. As a Conservative, this seems racially motivated. How many Black Veterans have run for office in Saratoga Springs. How many garnered support from either party. How many Black residents in Saratoga Springs?
    Why do we have signs that state
    “All Are Welcome” when clearly all are not. If MeToo or cancel culture really stands for something why do we have real issues of sexual predators in media & the WH. Its Shameful that this is what is being done to a Black man, a Veteran & a resident aiming to make good in Saratoga Springs.


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