Skidmore College Ranks 5th For Stoner Friendly Colleges

According to a website named CelebStoner, Skidmore College moved up in ranking this year to #5 from its 2018 ranking as #9 in the Princeton Review’s rating of colleges in the US with “a strong affinity for marijuana.”

3 thoughts on “Skidmore College Ranks 5th For Stoner Friendly Colleges”

  1. And THIS is cause for celebration?

    Time to drop the drinking age back to 18.
    Put a Rathskeller on campus.

    It’s been said that alcohol kills off the pacifist brain cells.
    Things get done. Weed neuters the brain.
    “Hey dude–take a chill pill, bro.”

    So what?
    Nobody cares.
    We’re all SHEEP!

    Ever notice that drinkers could give a rats behind about global warming.
    Or how about that new name for seasonal weather:

    There ya go!

    JC ;O)


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