City Democrats Elect Sarah Burger As New Chairperson

At a special meeting on August 7, 2019, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee elected Sarah Burger as its new chair.

The initial field for the position of chair included Eddy Abraham and Ellen Egger-Aimone. Apparently Ms. Egger-Aimone decided to withdraw from the race. Ms. Burger defeated Mr. Abraham.

Mr. Abraham was chosen to be first vice-chair.

The committe elected Cassandra Bagramian as treasurer.

It was odd that the committee selected a vice-chair. The notice for the meeting sent out by Ruth Fein stated quite specifically that the purpose of the meeting was only to elect a new chair and treasurer and that “no other business will be conducted.” As I was not there I do not know the details but clearly the committee deviated from the meeting notice.

Sarah Burger

Ms. Burger is an attorney. She served as Mayor Joanne Yepsen’s first City Attorney from January to September, 2014. Her short tenure was marked by ongoing conflict with all the members of the City Council.

I have spoken off the record to persons who were on the City Council during her tenure.  Each confirmed that at an executive session of the Council all five members (including Mayor Yepsen) agreed that Burger should no longer serve as City Attorney. Rather than fire her they agreed to allow her to resign.

Ms. Burger exploited this gesture by distributing a letter to the press claiming that she had voluntarily resigned over her differences with the city over its handling of legal matters including a proposed land swap meant to facilitate building an emergency services building on the east side of the city. The controversy included a lawsuit brought against the city by Tom McTygue, Ray Watkin, and Remigia Foy which was later dismissed by the state supreme court.

Ms. Burger subsequently challenged Chris Mathiesen in a primary for Commissioner of Public Safety which she lost.

Cassandra Bagramian

Ms. Bagramian is the Saratoga County Democratic Deputy Commissioner of Elections under Bill Fruci. She previously worked in the New York State Assembly and for Assembly member Carrie Woerner.

Eddie Abraham

Eddie Abraham has a consulting firm that focuses on assisting businesses with computer technology. The company is called True North BA.

4 thoughts on “City Democrats Elect Sarah Burger As New Chairperson”

  1. The newly crowned Burger Queen will now have to walk the fine line of licit decorum and of delivering Whoppers that so many in her congregation are prone to promote.

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  2. My goodness, John, if you were to write about the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, I suspect it would read as Dante’s Inferno. I attended the very same meeting you “reported” on. In fact, Eddy Ableham was not elected first vice chair at said meeting. Since the committee was presented with two such outstanding choices for chair, I asked if both parties would consider serving as first vice chair if they were not chosen to lead.

    Prior to the meeting, Sarah told me she would ask Eddy to serve as Vice Chair if she were elected Chair. I was torn as to whom I should support for Chair since I have witnessed the fruits of Eddy’s exemplary field and communication work, and Sarah and I had long ago buried the hatchet after she ruined my summer with that primary race against my dear Doctor Commissioner Chris Mathiesen. Sarah brings an array of skills valuable to any organization. I thought Eddy would ask Sarah to serve as first vice chair, but wanted my colleagues to be as informed as I.

    I believe Sarah appointed Eddy after the meeting, to serve in an ad hoc capacity until we are able to gather again and elect the rest of the Executive Committee. That way, Eddy can act in an official capacity doing the work he would gladly do as a committee member, which is what a leader of his caliber does. It is certainly within the purview of the chair to appoint officers as necessary, and I consider Eddy’s contributions necessary for the good of the party.

    I believe a dynamic institution cultivates new leadership so as not to become moribund, and I applaud Sarah’s foresite in cultivating one who may be the next chair to assist her as she moves the committee forward. There’s nothing wrong or bad about Eddy Ableham serving as first vice chair, however determined you are to sully the good work of those of us determined to move SSDC forward during these turbulent times.


    1. Hey Zuzia!

      “My goodness, John, if you were to write about the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, I suspect it would read as Dante’s Inferno.”

      That was fabulous!

      Look what I found:
      Remember the likes of James Howard Kunstler?

      Some of us have fond (yet corked) memories of those good old days at the Uncommon.
      Well….He’s baaaack!


      -JC 😉


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