Another Wave Of Resignations from the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee

 I received this release from the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee. Charlie Brown and Jane Weihe had both chaired the city committee in the past:



CONTACT:Kathryn Gorman

Saratoga Dems: City finances in jeopardy if Morrison elected

Saratoga Springs, NY, August 1, 2019 – More members of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee resigned today, following the resignations on July 17, 2019 of five members who served on the SSDC Executive Committee. Ten additional people announced they are leaving, including: Jennifer Blanchard, Charles Brown, Frank Capone, Cynthia Corbett, Michele Feinstein, Nancy Goldberg, Kathryn Gorman, Janet Kuczynski, Michael Sharp and Jane Weihe.

Those departing the committee today made the following statement:

 As long-serving members of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee, we have come to a point where we must choose the welfare of our City over party. We are resigning from the committee because we are unable to support the winner of the Democratic primary for Finance Commissioner, Patty Morrison. We intendfor this serious step to alert citizens of Saratoga Springs to our grave concern about the risk she poses to the sound management of the City’s finances, most notably the Budget. Based on our interactions with Ms. Morrison and the conduct of her campaign, we believe she is both unqualified and ill-suited for this office. Although we deeply regret having to leave the committee, this will free us to work for the candidates we are confident will best serve our City.

Media advisory: A press conference will be held:

1:00 p.m. today, August 1, 2019

High Rock Park, 112 High Rock Ave.

Saratoga Springs, NY




16 thoughts on “Another Wave Of Resignations from the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee”

  1. While I understand that they may not like the results of the (legitimate) primary, I disagree with them abandoning their positions for this reason. Democrats at both local, and national level, seem to go for the “flip the chessboard over and run away screaming” approach, when things do not go their way.

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    1. I disagree with Papa Toga. Members of the City Democratic Committee are obligated to work for the election of their candidates. If they can not do so in good conscience, then resigning is the honorable thing to do.
      Chris Mathiesen

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  2. I fully agree with Chris yet need to add to the idea of being honorable. This group that has resigned is being very honorable and standing not only for their values but the obligations they accepting when joining the committee. If Ms. Morrison and her minions had been as honorable they would have resigned from the committee when they determined they could not support the duly voted upon and endorsed candidate. They not only did not support her they chose to work directly against her in putting Ms. Morrison up for candidacy in a primary. They were not honorable nor did they meet their obligation. Congrats to those resigning and standing for the City and values over the party.

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  3. I respectfully disagree, Chris & Gale. This could be a generational thing, but to me, this looks like the “good ‘ol boys and girls club” falling apart. Perhaps those resigning will no longer be able to get certain “benefits” with a new commissioner in place? By the same token, can’t help but wonder, if certain individuals may have also benefited from the fiber deal.

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    1. Anyone who is to be taken seriously should reconsider the name Joey Boots. If your opinion is to matter, then use your name instead of pseudonym while at the same time suggesting unfounded conspiracies and character assassinations. There is no respect in that.


    2. Good point Joey.

      And by “fiber” are you referring to wovens or non-wovens?
      (I’m killin’ myselfs here!…)

      Hey–Maybe the city should abandon the dems vs pubs and have its own 2 parties.
      Kinda like Part-A and Party-B.

      How about The Lollipop Guild and the The Lullaby League?
      After all, we’re sounding more like Oz every day.

      PS– Jimmy Marteeeeeenez is always riding on our backs.
      Fellas from Brooklyn know better. The name Joey Boots is a HIGHLY respected name in the hood.
      (Hear dat Jimmy boy?) Wait ’til The Irishman comes out.

      -JC 😉


  4. First of all, Joey Boots, there are plenty of “good ‘ol boys and girls” involved in the group that is now about to take over the SS Democratic Committee and that is actively supporting Patty Morrison. I would hardly characterize people like Mary Carr and the McTygues as part of a new generation and they are very active players in all this not to mention Gordon Boyd and Pat Kane. Same old, same old I would say.

    Secondly your post is so typical of White Walkers tactics. Throw out some vague evil sounding accusations that those resigning may have been getting “benefits” and that unnamed individuals may have gotten unnamed benefits from the fiber deal. Come on—put up or shut up. Either name the individuals and the specific benefits you know they have received or stop making unfounded accusations in a smear campaign worthy of Joe McCarthy. But this is what the White Walkers do. Throw out false accusations that they know will tap into the prejudices the public has about those involved in politics and plan on no one calling you out to back up your wildly false statements. Shame on you.

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  5. I am very pleased to see that we have people of principle. Good for them!! They are standing on the shoulders of the founding fathers who feared citizens would stand by parties and not have loyalty to the country (or city) first!! Having people like this gives me hope that we will stand strong for our city…our successful city. I thank them all for doing the right thing for all of us!

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  6. Jim M. et al.
    The issue of using a nom de guerre, is a choice that is made by individuals, for a reason. Usually a good reason. If you are ok with using your name, good for you. But please don’t chastise the people who contribute to this blog who don’t use their name. The flavor of this blog, is a tasty one. As it now exists. Enjoy it while it lasts.


    1. You gave yourself away with “nom de guerre”. As for taste, I prefer that anonymity is utilized only to concel one’s identity and not a license to level personal assaults however flavorful at the expense of those who use their good names regardless of their politics or their baseball affiliations.


      1. As for my Brooklyn friend, I grew up visiting relatives in Flatbush on Flatlands Avenue and spent much time on Jones Beach with Pascual Franzese and his family of familias. You don’t use da names lightly.


  7. Looks like the Republican chair is onto something. The Dem committee is falling apart before our eyes. Lots of open positions to be filled by the socialists. They will be in good company. The regular Dems (for lack of a better word) on the committee will be few and far between before we know it.


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