For The White Walkers, Transparency Is For Other People

Well, as the readers of this blog will recall, I asked “Common Sense, Saratoga” a number of questions about this latest version of the proposed city manager charter including who produced it.

In an example of unintended irony, the Common Sense, Saratoga website now has a page on “talking points” for volunteers circulating their petition that includes the following:

Who is sponsoring this petition drive?

  • This petition gathering effort is being led by a large group of concerned citizens, which started with members of the 2017 Charter Review Commission. [JK: Emphasis added]


Their first bullet in a list of what motivates them is:

    • The lack of checks and balances, transparency [JK:Emphasis added], and accountability in our current government


Quick Quiz:

Can you now identify who wrote the new city manager charter and are leading the petition drive to get it on the ballot??

6 thoughts on “For The White Walkers, Transparency Is For Other People”

  1. 1. No I cannot identify who wrote the charter. The document does not identify the person or persons responsible.
    2. No I cannot identify who is leading the petition drive solely from the document.

    Your blog, John, is quite frankly the only way that this information is actually discussed. If I had to name any team of people responsible for trying to usurp the rights of the people of Saratoga and take advantage of non-informed voters, based on the evidence that you have provided in your blog through emails and other correspondence, they would be: Gordon Boyd, Bob Turner, Anne Bullock, Ellen Eiger-Aimone. I’m sure that list is not complete….

    Now, on to the two bullet points this group posits:

    1. The “effort is led by a large group of concerned citizens”. Please name them. There is power is numbers, sure, but the character of those behind the charge is of greater concern. Voters reserve the right to judge – and the size of this group is still questionable based on a lack of evidence to support your claim.

    2. The “lack of checks and balances, transparency, and accountability in our current government”. There is no evidence to support this claim. Our current form of government is the envy of every other city and county in the state that are overrun with corruption and ridiculous taxes. Our current form of government has the check and balances built in.

    VOTERS: Don’t believe the lies at the door when you are visited by the White Walkers to get your signature – these people are unethical and immoral and do not have the best interest of Saratoga in mind. They want complete control. Don’t give it to them.


    1. Who’s financing these people?

      Check this out:
      My neighbor got a citation left on his door knob…
      (a goofy warning) from SS Dept of Code Administration.

      It was soooo bizarre he brought it over for me to see.
      We both thought it was a joke. Until he called city hall.
      There was a number on the card: (518) 587-3550 ext. 2632.
      He was shocked to hear it was REAL!

      The notice stated that:
      “THIS PROPERTY IS IN VIOLATION OF THE International Property Maintenance Code.
      Box checked:
      302.4 Weeds (I’m not kidding here, please read on…)
      “All immediate exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 10 inches, All noxious weeds shall be prohibited. Weeds shall be identified as all grasses, annual plants (OMG!!) and vegetation, other the trees (thank the gods) or shrubs provided (by whom?); however this term shall not include cultivated flowers and gardens.”

      Everything in parentheses is obviously my “snarky” comments.

      All of Nelson Avenue between Lake and Union would be in violation too.
      Not to mention the un-fenced growth at Lake Ave Elementary, Old Schuylerville Road, Telly Tubby Land (that Solar Dump and all of Weibel Avenue) and pretty much the entire West side (ha-ha-ha for you guys!).

      WHAT THE HECK does Mexico, Canada or (for heavens sake) the EU have to do with his friggin patch of G-d’s green earth?

      The key word folks is: INTERNATIONAL.
      Thank Joanne & Co., no doubt.
      So, Saratoga Springs is now signed up with UN Agenda 21?

      In closing:
      He DID finally mow the grass (poor older fellow).
      The whole thing was kinda funny but it’s got me concerned.


      I don’t know WHO the people are but I do know that they ARE NOT my democrats.

      -JC :-O


  2. I just gave them an earful when they came to my door, collecting signatures. Sadly, there’s no shortage of fools who will sign anything without question and without even reading it. For me, the guiding principles in this matter are: Not all change is good. And, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Saratoga Springs appears to be working just fine to me as it is.

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    1. A guy came to our door too with a petition to get the charter change on the ballot. My partner asked him why he wanted to change the government. He said because of all the corruption in city government. My partner asked him to give an example of the corruption. He couldn’t.
      The problem is not only that there is no shortage of fools who will sign anything without question. The problem is also that there is apparently no shortage of fools who will circulate a petition without any real understanding of how our city government actually works.

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  3. While I have several concerns, my biggest is that this group (whoever they actually are) quote transparency as one of the main goals yet they are much less than transparent themselves. I’m thinking a fair amount of hypocrisy here.

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    1. Hey Gayle–

      Maybe it’s got something to do with the roll out of 5G.
      Communist China produces most all the chips for the technology.
      (Can you say; “Back door?”)

      This is happening systematically across the country.
      They are targeting small cities.

      Especially those with secure, equitable properties.
      Saratoga Springs is a dead-on target.
      Our old style republic-based commission government is a threat to them.
      We are harder to manipulate and control than city-manager models.

      Remember: socialism is communism in disguise.
      They promise you everything but once in power, they control everything.

      Beware people.
      5G is around the corner.

      There is BIG money behind this.
      Stay vigilant. Stay awake.
      Say NO.



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