Vote for Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Finance, in the Democratic Primary June 25th

Most people simply do not know how hard Michele Madigan has worked on behalf of the city as Commissioner of Finance. Many  people have simply too many more pressing issues in their lives to follow local politics very closely. The fact is that Michele Madigan can fully take credit for a host of city initiatives that she has played a significant role in bringing to fruition. This is in addition to working hard with her deputy, Michael Sharp, at managing the finances of the city. Most critically she has crafted budgets that have maintained the quality of life of our city without increasing taxes.

Commissioner Madigan has managed to craft seven budgets in a row with no increase in property taxes.

She has refinanced the city debt twice and in so doing has saved the city $3,600,000.00.

The fact that Standard and Poor has rated the city’s bonds as AA+ establishes that her budgets were not smoke and mirrors but based on thoughtful fiscal management.

Prompted by the work done by Sustainable Saratoga she managed the creation of our 2.5 megawatt solar park.

She and her office, working with the Mayor and City Attorney have developed an agreement with SiFi networks that will bring fiber optic internet service to the homes and businesses of our city.

She worked with New York State to put together the successful project that fenced in the city’s dog park.

She played a key role in the construction of three Habitat For Humanity homes in the city by setting aside two city owned parcels as the location for these houses.

Her involvement in the Habitat For Humanity project illustrates her laudable commitment to making things happen. In September of 2012 she pressed the City Council to set aside two of the properties in default for unpaid taxes to be available as parcels for affordable housing. Mayor Johnson and another member of the council opposed her effort but her legislation passed. She then engaged Habitat For Humanity to take on the building of a single home on Division Street and a duplex on Cherry Street.

Projects like this do not happen on their own. They need a champion at the Council table to take good ideas and make them real.

Commissioner Madigan’s critics have continually attacked her for her cordial relationship with the business community in our city. In particular they have focused on the fundraiser for her put on by attorney Matt Jones. What they have not done is cited any actual vote she has cast that showed a deference to business interests over the interests of the city as a whole. In fact Matt Jones was the attorney for the Casino’s failed project at the corner of Jefferson Street and Crescent Avenue and she made clear to the Council and the public that she could not support the project.

Her support from the business community reflects her successful management of the city’s finances.

Michele has been endorsed by the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee but her designation as the Democratic candidate is being challenged in a primary on Tuesday, June 25th. As there is no Republican candidate for Commissioner of Finance, whoever wins the Democratic primary will most likely be the next Commissioner of Finance. Polls are open from noon until 9PM.

Michele Madigan has worked very hard on behalf of all of us and she deserves to continue to serve the city as Commissioner of Finance.

3 thoughts on “Vote for Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Finance, in the Democratic Primary June 25th”

  1. It is reassuring that most people in the city, regardless of political affiliations have recognized the magnificent job that Commissioner Madigan has done. It is unfortunate, that as the primary day approaches, she is challenged daily with falsehoods by a person who refused to debate so that the voters could compare them. I know from her record and those who have worked closely with her on the Council that Michelle Madigan is nothing less than a tremendous asset for our city. The endorsements speak for themselves.

    On the challenger, I admit being generally unfamiliar and less impressed with her published platform. A driver for pizza hut or a letter carrier, can claim experience on delivering results and being customer driven. Just what are her accomplishments for her history of employment? I reminded of a past city employee, once a NYS analyst, who claimed his previous employment was titled, “Valuation Engineer”, yet no NYS position existed then or now. Is this hyperbole, just another example of benign exaggeration or polishing the apple? If we are to choose between the record of the incumbent who must qualify misconceptions directed at her certifiable accomplishments, I would think it only reasonable that her opponent provide more than work history euphemisms and illusions in order to compare apples to apples.

    Networking and fake news gaslighting should not be the lessons learned from National Politics.

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  2. If one is judged by the company (s)he keeps, Patty would be wise to heed the warning of the familiar adage “(s)he that lieth down with dogs, shall rise up with fleas.”

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