Times Union Watch: Was That A Correction?

The Times Union today published a very nice piece on Tim Holmes, Republican candidate for mayor. I guess you could call that a correction of their earlier article in which they asserted that Mayor Kelly was running unopposed. Well, not entirely . The original story still contains the assertion that Kelly is running unopposed.

If you were looking for some sort of acknowledgement from either Wendy Liberatore or Rex Smith regarding their extraordinary error, I am afraid you will be disappointed.

One thought on “Times Union Watch: Was That A Correction?”

  1. Though correcting the Holmes candidacy issue, Liberatore continues her disinformation campaign, this time with regard to the hospital expansion, stating that “A proposed zoning map… would pave the way for the hospital project as it would change the neighborhood’s zoning from residential to institutional.” This is not correct. As we know from your previous blog posts on this topic, the area was zoned for a variety of uses, including health. The neighborhood lawyer would like to pretend that medical offices are merely commercial and not health related.

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