Times Union Watch

In a story in today’s edition of the Times Union, Wendy Liberatore refers to Billy McTygue as William McTague. She also writes that Mayor Meg Kelly is running unopposed. In fact she is being challenged by Republican Tim Holmes.

3 thoughts on “Times Union Watch”

  1. I repeat my recent post regarding Ms. Liberatore. I don’t know how or why she is still employed at the TU. She has little regard for actual facts and writes with minimal intent toward the truth.


  2. Let’s be honest here, Bill McTague (sic) is never shy about throwing unfounded accusations at political opponents.

    Also, I am not seeing were Mr. Miller’s employment involves any of these duties delineated in section 801, which states that an employee is in violation if the employee, “has the power or duty to (a) negotiate, prepare, authorize or approve the contract or authorize or approve payment thereunder (b) audit bills or claims under the contract, or (c) appoint an officer or employee who has any of the powers or duties set forth above and…”


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