Update On City Center Parking Facility Project

In its May 10th edition, Saratoga Today reported on the progress of the City Center’s municipal parking structure.  

In a unanimous decision, the Saratoga Springs City Council agreed that designs for the structure should proceed. All designs will be presented to the Council  and the public for review as the process continues and final approval will rest with the City Council.  

The plan  currently going forward will be comprised of  “a municipal parking structure, the establishment of a public park at the southerly end of the parcel along Lake Avenue and where Flat Rock Spring once existed; the continuation of the park at the easterly side of the parcel along High Rock Avenue, which will connect Flat Rock Park to High Rock Park and include the Greenbelt trail, Downtown Connector, and the retention of outparcels for future development,” according to the article.

The construction of the parking structure could begin this summer.  The paper reports that the current plan is for about 600 parking spaces and the parking structure could be in operation by the summer of 2020.  200 spots on the current paved lot will be eliminated where the new structure will stand.

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