More On The Fundraising For The School Board Elections

The Daily Gazette published an update to its earlier story on fundraising in the Saratoga Springs School Board elections.

Ophthalmologist David Kwiat donated $12,000.00 of the $33,000.00 raised so far by the Saratoga Parents For Safer Schools (SPSS).

SPSS spent $9,000.00 on services from a Florida based consulting firm named Go Right Strategies.  They have assisted SPSS in designing their campaign.

Kara Rosettie, one of the founders of SPSS, told the Gazette that the firm assisted them in developing marketing materials and campaign strategy.

Here is a link to the website of the consulting firm.

Here is a link to the full story in the Gazette  

5 thoughts on “More On The Fundraising For The School Board Elections”

    1. Hey Rob!

      NRA – Shmen-are-ay!!
      Who needs ’em?
      It’s all such BS and it’s bad for ya.

      We can only hope that money is spent at our local sign shops like Adirondack and AJ Sign. And the print should be done at Advantage Press in town.

      If that money leaves the county, THAT would be a sin.
      We all need to focus on what’s going on HERE.
      Where’s George Baily when you need him?

      Just sayin’



  1. This is the same way our presidential and congressional elections got so screwed up. Ever wonder why Trump spent so many of his own millions to get elected to a $400,000 position? Yes, and he donates the salary. First thing he does is give himself and his cronies a huge tax cut.
    I understand how a Dad would want safety for his child in school, and maybe for him $12,000 is not a big deal. But where are we heading with this precedent? Is this being done in other school districts?


  2. Henry–

    Yes, it’s friggin unreal.
    But then again, these are different times.

    Not to worry buddy.
    Their days are numbered:

    Glad my kids went through school before smart phones.
    I remember paying a fee for my son’s Ethernet connection in college.
    AND–they had a fee for long distance telephone access!

    Gosh, I’m old.
    Miss dial-up (lol).



    1. Justin, I opened the link about the chimps. Very interesting.
      Question: If we descended from apes, how come we still have apes and chimps? Are they descending right now? Makes me wonder. And I just heard that Eve actually used an Apple ipad to lure Adam.

      Maybe your humor is beginning to rub off?


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