3 thoughts on “Mayor Kelly Scores Again: Finally the Geyser Trail Project Becomes A Reality”

  1. This is very good news. Thank you Mayor Kelly. And she is correct. Many people have been working on getting the Geyser Road trail started for many years including former Mayor Yepsen, Supervisor Veitch, the entire South West Neighborhood Association, the City Planning Department and many others. This will greatly enhance pedestrian safety, connectivity, quality of life and property values in the heavily populated southwest section of our City.

    It only took 15 years to finally get the Geyser Road trail to this point. Now we can hopefully start looking into improving pedestrian access for Saratogians in other parts of the City where it is seriously deficient.

    Chris Mathiesen

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  2. What fantastic news!

    The trail project will be a big plus for public safety.
    Now, if we can just get residents to stop putting trash cans in the street instead of “at the curb” we’ll improve pedestrian safety all around!

    Or, maybe convince joggers not to run in the street?
    Trails will be welcomed, indeed.

    Good read,



  3. Thank you Matthew Veitch who was the driving force, as I recall. Congratulations to Mayor Kelly. Job well done. Looking forward to seeing a shovel in the ground.


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