How About Adding A Tree To Your Street Or Your Yard?

Sustainable Saratoga is seeking home owners who would host a tree.  The tree can be along the street in front of your house or it can be in your yard.  For information about the program here is a link.



2 thoughts on “How About Adding A Tree To Your Street Or Your Yard?”

  1. Thanks John! We are working hard to reforest Saratoga Springs and hope folks will consider supporting our efforts even if they don’t have a planting site. Contribute to pay for a tree, volunteer to plant, tell a neighbor about our program. There are many ways to be involved to increase the canopy of our City.

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  2. Can folks recommend arbitrary planting sites?
    There are voids all over the city that may qualify as candidates for new trees.
    Are the grass strips at the curb city property?



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