Saratoga Springs Republican Party Makes Endorsements

I spoke with Matt Hogan who chairs the Saratoga Springs Republican Party Committee.  He shared with me the candidates selected for the coming November election:

  1. Skip Scirocco for Public Works Commissioner
  2. Matt Veitch for Saratoga County Supervisor
  3. Steve Mittler for Saratoga County Supervisor
  4. Robin Dalton for Public Safety Commissioner



2 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs Republican Party Makes Endorsements”

  1. Hey kids!
    Maybe, rename the GOP the Good Ol’ Boys Party?

    Here’s a head-turnahhh for ya:
    It was reported that Elise voted with the Democrats on stopping the President’s emergency declaration. Does she represent the interests of local GOP ideology?

    Saratoga is not a good fit with any of this national ideology.
    Be it right or left.

    It’s Saratoga.
    Why anybody would align themselves with the likes of these ideologues (on both sides) and their respective shenanigans is beyond comprehension.

    Might be time to ditch the national party affiliations on both sides.
    Before both shoot themselves in the foot (Read; Barney Fife).

    Thanks for the posts, JK.



  2. Just in–

    Cuomo signs RED FLAG BILL!

    Why RED? Interesting. Why not blue?

    Well, that’s the last nail in the coffin.
    They’re coming for your guns, folks.

    But it’s not really about guns—
    It’s about one’s right to exercise liberty to choice.

    To choose not to go along with the new orders of the day, to have change of heart.
    You know, the right of descent; to disagree…the right to exercise conscientious thought.
    This new directive kinda sounds like the Reds… the old Soviet politburo, eh Turnahhh?

    As with the NYS Abortion Bill– the ending of a full term pregnancy even AFTER the baby is born,
    our NYS Democrats have definitely, gone full commie. They’ve changed the definition of murder.

    Now THAT’S population control.
    The only way to end a pregnancy is birth.
    Mazel tov!

    (No matter HOW liberal of thought some might be; surely this has gone over the top.)

    Mandatory vaccines are next.
    Those of us born in the 1950’s got 4 or five shots.
    Born in the 1960’s? Try 8-10.
    Born 1990? 14.
    2018? 44. (Look it up).

    The autism rate 30 years ago was 1 in 300,000.
    Today it’s around 1 in 50. Any connection?
    Remember when the flu was called the common cold?
    Influenza kills. Colds are a pain in the bazookas!

    But I digress..
    Many folks have vets and law enforcement in the family.
    Many are blue collar, union Democrats. Many own guns.

    There might be a lot more registered independents in the future.

    Still think the Saratoga’s local political parties go along with all this national rhetoric?
    (Ask Mr. Tonko or Mr. Steck…so sad; really.)
    Cuomo’s new directive is right out of Rules for Radicals and the Communist Manifesto; et alia.

    Beuller? Beuller?
    Just food for thought (on a dreary hump-day afternoon).

    Time for the dog to take master for a walk (lol),



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