Daily Gazette Endorses Proposed Charter

The Daily Gazette Newspaper has editorialized urging its readers to vote yes on the proposed Saratoga Springs Charter.  The editorial begins by reminding its readers that it supported the 2017 charter which would have changed the city’s form of government to a city manager.  The editorial goes on to acknowledge that last year’s charter failed to pass and that as long as the commission form continues, the proposed changes make sense to improve operations.

Link To Editorial


One thought on “Daily Gazette Endorses Proposed Charter”

  1. Hey!

    Has anyone bothered to notice the many “Vote No” signs?
    They are last year’s “Vote Yes” signs with “NO” taped over the yes.

    Small logics problem here ?

    Last year’s signs read: Charter Change: “Vote Yes.”
    This year’s signs read: Charter Change: “Vote No.”

    Which is exactly right!
    Vote NO for charter change but YES to charter update.

    Isn’t that ironic?
    So, the cheap fix backfires in the halls of logic.

    But this is Saratoga.
    Everything’s subject to interpretation.
    “Not my problem!”


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