Blogger Blunders And Corrects

Mike Sharp, whose name seems particularly apropos, just pointed out to me that the salaries and the provision barring benefits after leaving office were in the proposed 2017 charter.  I stand corrected and remove that from my challenge. Having eaten humble pie and admitted to and corrected my errors in the blog, I hope I have set an example that Turner et al will follow.


One thought on “Blogger Blunders And Corrects”

  1. How refreshing to see a mistake admitted to and corrected. Hopefully Turner et al who seem to have embraced the level of conversation so destructively playing out on the national level in the win no matter what mode, will follow your example. Unfortunately their dissembling may work. I would like to note, though, that while their final charter proposal did contain salaries what it is accurate to say is that Boyd and Kane are quoted in their own minutes as arguing against this, a position that they have now have no problem attacking.

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