Please Support Zephyr Teachout Today

Zephyr Teachout has a shot at becoming the Democratic nominee for NYS Attorney General.  It is now a matter of who gets out the vote.  The primary today, Thursday, September 13,  will have a very low turnout.  Normally, the institutional Democrats are best at turning out their people because their jobs rely on keeping the usual suspects in power.  Candidate Letitia James is being heavily funded by Andrew Cuomo. Ms. Teachout is the only candidate who  has refused to take PAC money. Here is a link to the NY Times endorsement of Ms. Teachout: .

 Please help Ms. Teachout prevail by taking the time to get out to vote. 

Polls are open from noon until 9 today. You must be a registered Democrat to vote in this primary race.

Polling places for districts 3,4,8,9,and 25 in Saratoga Springs have been moved from the City Center to Ballrooms 1 and 2 in the adjacent Hilton Hotel.




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