City Settles With Pedinottis Over City Center Parking Structure

The City Council voted unanimously for a settlement offer to the Pedinottis, the owners of the Mouzon House who sued the city  over the original proposal to construct a parking facility for the City Center.  The settlement calls for the city to withdraw their approval for a site plan for the facility along with its subdivision of the plot.  The city agreed to keep the Pedinottis informed as the city works to develop new plans for the site.

Mayor Kelly told the Saratogian the city plans to develop a “community destination” that will include “green space, the rebirth of Flat Rock Spring, a parking structure, conference space, and an inclusion of the Greenbelt Trail in what’s being called the Flat Rock Centre.”

The full story is here

The original parking facility was supposed to have 480 parking spaces.  The Saratogian story noted, “The LA Group presented a conceptual design of the potential Flat Rock Centre Tuesday night, projecting possibly over 750 parking spots in addition to a park at the corner of the lot with a spring as well as green space.”

The original project was planned by the City Center which was going to pay for the construction.  While the City Council voted to authorize the Mayor to apply for funding it is unclear where the money will come from for this new design.

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