Preet Bharara’s Podcasts: Extraordinarily Well Done

Recently I was introduced to the podcasts of Preet Bharara.  Mr. Bharara was the Federal Attorney whose jurisdiction included New York.  His podcasts begin with him answering questions submitted by listeners.  The shows then continue with an interview on some area of law and social policy.

I have been gently criticized by friends for the length of many of my posts.  The criticism is not without merit.  I expect I could be clearer and more concise.  Nevertheless, my interest is to explore more fully than the general media, issues that I view as more complex.  Not to compare myself with Mr. Bharara, what I like about his podcasts is that they  take on the complexity of their subject matter.

One of my pet peeves is the ease with which people who are not attorneys decide the merits of cases based on newspaper accounts or on their own reading of a particular statute.  Often people read these laws through the lens of their personal interest.  They may miss the possibility of other ways to read the text.  They also are often unaware of other statutes that may bear on their case and conflict with their interpretation of it.

Mr. Bharara’s podcasts represent a great resource for understanding important public policies in light of both the strengths and weaknesses of our legal system.  I highly recommend them.

The show is called “Stay Tuned With Preet.”  This is a link to one of the media sites that carries his show.  Link to podcasts


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