Amazon Plans Monster Distribution Site In Town of Schodack

Amazon Amazon has plans to build a “Fulfillment” center in the town of Schodack which is just south of Albany.   The building would be 1,015,740 square feet.  It would be about a third of a mile long.  It is claimed that it will employ 800 people full time.  It would have 30,500 square feet of office space, 95 loading docks, 300 tractor-trailer spaces and more than 1,000 employee parking spaces.

According to the Albany Business Review:

“The request seeks a deviation from the usual formula in which the property tax exemption gradually declines every year until the entire value is taxed. Scannell Properties [Amazon’s agent] wants a 50 percent reduction for the entire period, with the assessment frozen at $55 million, said Bob Pasinella, executive director of the IDA. The terms are being negotiated.”

“The project would generate more than $1 million in property taxes [JK: They claim] during the first year, considerably more than what the town, school district and county get now, according to Amazon representatives.”


4 thoughts on “Amazon Plans Monster Distribution Site In Town of Schodack”

  1. That’s a better deal than we got here for the new bottling plant. No new jobs and a LOT more traffic – and right in the middle of a ‘safe’ bike path too! What a deal that was, eh?


      1. SKS on Geyser Rd. (the traffic of which goes right across the proposed bike path btw). They are bringing all employees with them, so there isn’t any realistic new jobs for the city – just more traffic.


  2. I am a resident of the Town of Schodack and live within 2 miles of the site . Unlike a very small minority of the reseidents (probably less than 5%) I am totally in favor of developing the Route 9 corridor.
    The site is within 2 miles north or south of 2 exits for !-90 and also the NYS Thruway. About 20 years ago we got the Hanaford Super Markets Warehouse. (625,000 Square feet) and it has had very little adverse contributions to the town or it’s emergency services.


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