Saratoga Springs To Sponsor Gun Buyback Day

A city gun buyback program will take place Saturday, June 2, from 9AM to 3PM. Unwanted long guns and handguns can be brought to the Unitarian Universal Church parking lot at 624 North Broadway. Local businesses have raised money for gift cards to be given to those turning in guns.

More  information is available on the city website and the Police Department’s Face-book page.

 Here’s a link to the story in the Saratogian: 

Link to Saratogian




2 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs To Sponsor Gun Buyback Day”

  1. According to The Daily Gazette, 75 guns were collected at this event, about 23 of those being pistols. The photo showed about 20 hunting arms. That’s a pretty good haul for our community. But I suspect the guns turned in were inherited, or no longer used for their sporting purpose, and were resting placidly in the closets and attics of people wondering “what am I going to do with this thing?”

    Peter Martin is quoted in the Saratogian article uttering the phrases “gun violence” and “common sense gun safety.” I wish he wouldn’t use phrases long identified as Newspeak of the anti-gun crowd, as it suggests he’s not committed to representing the interests of all Saratoga Springs residents.

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