City Receives Bids To Write Uniformed Development Ordinance (UDO)

The city received five bids for crafting the Uniformed Development Ordinance (UDO).

Calfee Strategic Solutions.  $295,000.00

Camiros, Ltd. $154,040.00

Duncan Associates. $125,000.00

Clarion Associates.  $279,285.00

Town Planning and Urban Design.  $249,979.00

None of these firms are located in the capital district

Interestingly, Duncan Associate’s proposal indicated it would work with the existing UDO document.  If they had responded to the previous RFP which was to complete the work done by Behan Planning and Design they would have been the sole bidder.

The city has $48,000.00 remaining from the original grant from the state.  I wonder where the balance of the cost will come from?


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