County Supervisors Wasting Public Money Again

Saratoga Today ran an interesting editorial in their April 6-12 edition taking the Saratoga County Supervisors to task for paying a public relations firm $48,000.00 to represent them to the media and public.  According to the editorial, there are plans to expand the contract to $100,000.00. 

This is a link to the editorial which contains more info.

 I contacted our two Supervisors asking them to respond to address this issue.  I received a response from Tara Gaston (see below).  In a delicious example of irony, Matt Veitch did not respond.  Supervisor Veitch offers proof that they do not need the PR firm.  If Supervisors simply do not respond to inquiries why do they need of a public relations firm?


As you intimate, I am not clear on the reasoning for hiring a PR firm for the County. I do agree that quick and consistent responses to constituent and media requests is important, though, and perhaps that was part of the goal. I would definitely prefer to see monies go to programming, equipment replacement, or personnel salaries that I believe more directly benefit residents of the County.

Personally, it is my intention regardless to remain open to any requests for comment – as here – and have not seen any advice or directive for Supervisors to do otherwise. I also have not heard of this potential to increase the contract and will definitely look further into that as well.


 Supervisor Tara N. Gaston, Saratoga Springs




3 thoughts on “County Supervisors Wasting Public Money Again”

  1. Thanks Tara for responding. I was wondering what you would have to say about this. I hope you will follow up and keep us posted on what is happening. This does seem like a waste of our hard earned money.

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    1. It never bothered Yepsen or Martin, where’s the beef?A better story might be,”Why does our Planning Board have a meeting with a said applicant while the said applicant is in Court with the City”? That seems a little more of a bother than spending money for a PR firm that is promoting the No.1 County in the State. Just Say’in John.

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