2 thoughts on “Excellent Coverage On WAMC On Mayor & Charter Review”

  1. Idiocracy is baaaaaak!
    Msis JoJo?

    Just heard the news…no more gun shows at the City Center.
    Looks like our old democratic party finally went communist.

    If the GOP did this it would be condemned as fascist.
    Well, they didn’t, it’s not and it is what it is: anti-constitutional and un-American.

    So goes Saratoga.
    So goes the republic.

    What a slap in the face to all our active & retired law enforcement officers, correctional and parole and veterans. Not to mention hunters and fire arms enthusiasts, re-enactors and collectors.

    And the city gets its name from the historical Battle of Saratoga…that victory changed everything.
    Well, this ‘victory’ will change nothing except make the folks at the Glens Falls arena happy.

    Talk about shooting one’s self in the foot.
    And Saratoga Springs was visited (and the gun show was inspected) by Rep. Gabby Giffords & Capt. Mark Kelly back a few years ago (along with our esteemed NYS Attorney General). The Saratoga City Center was touted by Gabby Giffords & company as being the right way to do these things.
    They said we were; “The shining city upon a hill.”
    An example for the rest of the nation to follow.

    How insulting to the cause.
    How insulting to law abiding citizens.

    Looks like Mayor Kelly, as with her predecessor, is just doing what she is told to do.
    Remember JoJo and the starting pistol?
    Ha-ha-ha. Idiocracy reigns.

    Things are going to get more entertaining as the year wears on…
    Can’t wait.



  2. Glad to see the new mayor exhibit true leadership and intelligence with respect to the Charter Change Commission and its purpose. We can only hope for the good of the city that a fair and objective process comes of this for the good of all in the city and not just for a few special interests.


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