Mayor Initiates New Charter Review Commission

Mayor Meg Kelly is establishing a Mayoral Charter Review Commission.  It is the first item on her agenda for Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.  A reliable source tells me that the City Council will craft changes to the existing charter themselves.

This will be a stunning setback to the supporters of the previous failed charter.  According to state law, a mayoral charter commission trumps all other such initiatives.  So no other charter proposal can be considered in next November’s election.  This makes sense when you think of the legal entanglement that passing two charters at the same time would precipitate.

 The details should come out at tomorrow’s Council meeting.


8 thoughts on “Mayor Initiates New Charter Review Commission”

  1. I can’t see how this is a ‘setback’. It allows the council to make changes that they know are necessary (we elected them for a reason, right?). The primary thing is to make sure that anyone can run for office, and the council members aren’t running a dept., but rather overseeing all of them together. I think that will be a ‘do-able’ thing with this council. Give them a chance. Less division within a city AND city hall that already has ‘charter fatigue’ (in case you or anyone hasn’t noticed, city hall is running VERY well right now. Why upset the apple cart if you don’t have to?). If they can’t get it done, THEN put the petition on. It also gives the council and chance to move forward with their agenda so things actually can get done in this city for a change. I believe this is a very wise move on the behalf of the mayor.

    And that’s from a person that supported charter change, and still does.


    1. We already have School Board, a Council at large is not needed, I enjoy being able to vote for a person who will run a Dept.and if they do a good job they stay and if not they go, smart move by Meg.


      1. Merlin – do you ‘enjoy’ NOT being able to vote for a person that could otherwise do a great job for this city, but can’t because they don’t have the time or resources to run a large department full time?


  2. John, I think you should be on the charter commission. You have great insights into what the city government does well and poorly and a commitment to transparency.

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  3. As one who suggested this 10 days ago, I am naturally thrilled.

    I think JK would be a fine choice to serve on this, but the most important point is to have new members – and new voices. I also think Chris Mathiesen, and – surprise! – Dave Morris – would be good choices too.

    But no holdovers from the last debacle, please Mayor. Spare us another go-round with any of the pompous ideologues who almost hijacked the government: No Taliban Turner, No Kommandant Kane, No Gordon Goebels. They and the others had their chances. Put them all out to pasture.

    I am confident that Mayor Kelly will do the right thing here.

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    1. I’m a little confused. JK says that the Council will craft changes to the existing charter. Yet it also says that there will be a Charter Review Commission. What am I missing?


    2. Oh no! You ain’t throwing me under the bus like that!!!

      I DO agree 100% with you that Meg will do the right thing. There IS a way we can separate the council from individual departments under a council form of government, and make it so anyone can run for office without the burden of having to run a large department WITHOUT tearing everything apart (and probably without the added costs as well).

      “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable – the art of the next best” – Bismark


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