Scallions Restaurant For Sale

Michele Morris, owner of Scallions Restaurant on Lake Avenue by the city’s firehouse, has announced her restaurant is for sale.  Ms. Morris has operated her restaurant for nineteen years.  The asking price is $499,000.00.

On a personal note, her restaurant is my favorite in our city.  The food is always well prepared, interesting, and well priced.  I can only wish Ms. Morris the best having enjoyed her hospitality for years.

2 thoughts on “Scallions Restaurant For Sale”

  1. You’re right, Merlin.
    Years ago, these people would have been ridiculed for being so anti-Saratoga.

    They hate us.
    They should be called for what they are: FAKE SARATOGIANS.
    (In the 1950’s they’d be called communists, along with the rest of the rabble that hijacked our pro-labor party.)

    And for g-d’s sake…take back that crazy directive that allows carpet bagging, non-equity bearing transients (Skidmore students) the right to vote in city elections!

    Imagine AirBnB renters being allowed the right to vote in city elections and you might begin to understand the point.

    Maybe, if they shoveled their sidewalks, maybe, I might be persuaded otherwise.


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