Court Throws Out Saratoga Springs Charter Election Challenge

I received the following press release from Richard Sellers, spokesperson for SUCCESS, the organization that opposed charter change:


“Supreme Court Justice Thomas Nolan has dismissed a petition by Gordon Boyd asking for a hand recount of the Saratoga Springs Charter Referendum that was defeated by voters in November.

Judge Nolan’s decision states that the “petitioner presents no facts to support or justify his request (emphasis added).”

The decision also states that the “only germane fact recited in the petition is that the Proposition No. 4 was defeated by 10 votes.” Specifically, there were 4,457 votes for the Commission form and 4,447 for the proposed change to a City Manager. Neither the New York State nor the Saratoga County boards of elections mandate a re-canvass due to a close election.

Importantly, the Saratoga Board of Elections has certified these results.

Boyd was one of the leaders of the Charter Review Commission and an activist in the election including representing It’s Time Saratoga, the Ballot Committee supporting moving to a City Manager form of government, at a debate at the City Center two weeks before the election.

Richard Sellers speaking for SUCCESS, the organization that lead the effort to maintain the commission form of government in Saratoga Springs, noted: ‘This is the third time in a decade that Saratogians have vigorously debated the merits of changing our form of city government, and this is the third time that Saratogians have voted to keep our Commission form.

Our form of government is unique as is our city. We feel the Commission form has worked well for Saratogians for many years and through many changes that the city has gone through. We look forward to Saratoga’s continuing prosperity under this special structure.’ ”

Here is a link to the court decision:

SUCCESS – Boyd v. Election Commissioners Decision – 2-13-2018


Richard Sellers

SUCCESS Spokesperson






7 thoughts on “Court Throws Out Saratoga Springs Charter Election Challenge”

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Do you REALLY think this has ended John? This is NOT going away. It will be on the ballot again asap, and it will continue until it’s passed. Change will pass you by because change ALWAYS wins in the end.

    And my disgust at not having a recount only triples my desire to get charter change passed.


  2. Thank the gods, that this is over.
    Now, we can focus our attention on much more important matters:
    Like the Saratoga-Not-So-Peaceful-Alliance protesting the “KKK” in front of the Post Office at 5pm today, Ash Wednesday.

    What an interesting concept.


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