Update on Charter Change

I got the following email from SUCCESS representative Richard Sellers:

“The Saratoga Springs Charter Referendum vote judicial review seems to be on hold waiting for the New York Appellate Court to rule on a relevant case from Essex County. We’ll have to wait and see how the appeal goes before our case moves forward. 

GUESSING: This could be another 6 weeks until we get back into Saratoga County.” 

In the meantime the Watertown, New York city council voted 4-1 not to renew city manager Sharon Addison’s contract when it expires in June.  The mayor of the city voted to support her.  The city has been in a protracted legal battle with the fire department which has left the department without a contract for three and a half years. Ms. Addison came to Saratoga Springs twice at the invitation of the Charter Review Commission to advocate for the city manager form of government.    Watertown has formed a charter review commission to consider whether it should continue to use the city manager form.  This is a link to a story from North Country Public Radio.





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