Sisters Invade Seneca Falls To Make Their Statement

Michele Madigan braved the cold of Seneca Falls to join the women’s march there.  Here are some pictures she sent me.







One thought on “Sisters Invade Seneca Falls To Make Their Statement”

  1. Seneca Falls?
    “Slowly I toyned, step by step in by inch..Seneca Falls!”

    Some say; “The ol’ march was a fittin’ excuse to get out and take a good stretch for the wretch.”
    Begets a mighty fine therapy session for those good people; including our local sisters-in-crime.
    A good reason to spend a day with ol’ mum!

    Or was it an up with moms, down with dads day?
    Time to teach the youngin’s about acceptable vulgarity; no doubt.
    Ah, mothers. Ah, guilt. Ah-HA!


    Jus’ another reason to sport the ol’ pink; the “Devil’s horns-o-wool.”
    Others spent the better part o’ the day at the Parting Glass; for sure!
    Now there’s a Guinness statement to be made here, there or somewheres.

    For the literal crowd, the above statement was a proverbial tongue-in-cheek example of unabashed, failing sarcasm.
    And the spoof is on Niagara Falls. Actually on the American side.
    Canadians and their centimeter by centimeter just didn’t hold take with the old crowd.
    Thank ya, kindly!


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