“It’s Time Saratoga!” The Election Is Over But Their Dubious Campaigning Continues

The following was posted on November 8 on the “It’s Time Saratoga!” Face Book Page:  “…we were outspent 2-1..” 

 “It’s Time” is the PAC that was established to promote charter change. In a pair of earlier blogs I posted the latest financial filings with the NY State Board of Elections  by both “It’s Time” and SUCCESS, the group that opposed charter change.  SUCCESS reported raising $22,799.00.  It’s Time Saratoga reported raising $22,399.00.

So based on public records, where would “It’s Time Saratoga!” come up with this extraordinary claim.  One would have hoped with the election being over we might be spared the continuation of these kinds of dubious claims.

I have emailed Rick Fenton, Bob Turner, and Gordon Boyd who have been prominent spokespeople on this site asking them for some sort of supporting documentation for their claim.




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