Two Debates Re The Proposed Charter

[JK: If there is anyone out there actually willing to consider both sides on this issue, here are two venues that should be substantive and informative]

Two opportunities to hear Saratoga Springs proposed charter issues debated:

*Thursday, October 26, 7PM, City Center: pros and cons of proposed charter debated sponsored by Saratoga Today.  Former Deputy Accounts Commissioner Michele Boxley, Charter Commission member and attorney Matt Jones, and SUCCESS member Richard Sellers will argue against charter change.  Charter Commission member Gordon Boyd and Chair Bob Turner and one other yet to be announced person will argue in favor of the proposed charter.

*Commissioner of Accounts John Franck and Charter Commission member Gordon Boyd will debate whether the proposed charter will save or cost money.  7PM Monday, October 30, Saratoga Springs Library. Sponsored by SUCCESS [JK:  Egos the size of sumo wrestlers bellies!]


3 thoughts on “Two Debates Re The Proposed Charter”

  1. I was against it this time. No way I was for an unethical mayor getting even more power. Once that was gone, I was back on board.

    But here is what is most important: a government for and by the people, not one for and by the politicians. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s NOT about the $$$. If it costs us a million bucks? I’ll still all in. You just can’t put a price tag on a government that works for the people. It’s about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ here. There is just too many ‘wrongs’ on the commission form of government to support it now.

    That said, the ‘fear mongering’ on this has to stop on BOTH sides of the fence. Let facts and common sense prevail.

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  2. I think JK has given a lot of thought to his postings about charter change. The facts are there for everyone to read.
    Some citizens have had their run-ins with commissioners, had some kind of disagreement along the way, or maybe just don’t like the commissioner’s looks, attitude, clothes, voice, ..whatever. But this charter change is not about those things. And that’s the message that JK is trying to explain to voters. If voters think the grass is greener with a new charter, then they really haven’t done their homework.


    1. Henry37 – This isn’t a ‘vendetta’ to me. I have spoke out numerous times that I can’t stand this aspect coming from BOTH sides (meaning the charter commission as wella s the city council) I voted for charter change the first two go rounds, and was against it this time until a couple of changes we made.

      I think JK and quite a few others on both sides have lost track of what is fact and fiction here. The stuff I see thrown around now just makes me cringe. This is ALL supposed to be about the citizens, not a p*ssing match between the charter commission and the city council. All I see from it is a ‘power play’. It disgusts me truthfully.

      And I’ve MORE than done my ‘homework’, thanks.


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