Disturbing Telephone Message From Pat Kane Poses Questions About Charter Review Commission

In the middle of last night’s City Council meeting Pat Kane, Vice Chair of the Charter review Commission, called Commissioner Skip Scirocco’s official city cell phone and left the following message.

I tried to reach Mr. Kane and left him a message but he did not return my call.  I understand that he is at the Charter Commission ‘s program at the library tonight (Wednesday) so I am confident he received my telephone call but apparently decided not to reply.  I had hoped to speak to him before posting this recording.

There are some very nice people who serve on the Charter Review Commission and I have been troubled by their passivity regarding a number of unpleasant things done in their name.   It will be interesting to see their reaction, if any, to this phone call made by their Vice Chairman to a Council member.

My question to the readers of this blog:  If you were a member of the Charter Review Commission and heard this tape, would you take some sort of action and if so what action would that be?


9 thoughts on “Disturbing Telephone Message From Pat Kane Poses Questions About Charter Review Commission”

  1. This is the Vice Chairman of the Charter Review Commission? Is this representative of their education component? Mr. Kane has a history at the city of flouting the rules, but this example of his 12-year mission is appalling. He should be dismissed and the Commission and the Mayor should be forthcoming with an explanation. Mr. Turner should respond to Accounts Commissioner Franck’s questions regarding the financials presented by his committee, if Mr. Altamari is unavailable. City residents deserve better.

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  2. John–

    How on earth did you come upon this recording?
    Sounds suspicious.

    No one in their right mind would leave such a message without considering lack of anonymity; post 9/11.

    Unless the caller is living in the past.


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  3. Reading other comments…. without supporting documentation….double standards? No biggie just interesting….speaks for itself and needs no reply.love your blog!


  4. The chuckling appears to be forced/not spontaneous.
    I don’t know Kane, but this makes him sound like a loony-tune.
    A quick public apology might help, but the damage is already done.


    1. Interesting chuckle decipher. I do know the citizen Kane, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Since this was directed to the Commissioner of Public Works, we’ll have to wait for his response. In the meantime, is there anyone in the Country at the moment from the Charter REVIEW Commission to answer the Accounts Commissioner’s review of the submitted financials so that we can all more comfortably move on to election day?

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  5. I find it interesting that charter commission member Jeff Altmari went on about John Franck’s alleged bad behavior at a recent city council meeting but has nothing to say (nor do any other commission members) about Charter Commission Vice Chairman Pat Kane’s unbelievably inappropriate phone call to Commissioner Scirocco in the middle of a city council meeting.

    The weird thing is I looked at the video of the meeting Altamari found objectionable and saw no shouting or profanity (although I guess John Franck admits to a “bullshit”). I listened to Kane’s call, though, and thought, now here’s something to get upset about.

    At least when strong words are spoken at the council table they have been about issues of substance in my experience. Shame on Chairman Turner who when asked about the incident could only repeat his list of who the commission interviewed. Classic marketing technique–stay on message no matter what.

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  6. To paraphrase my muse, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson:

    ‘These guys have all the desperation of a farmer with terminal cancer trying to borrow on next year’s crop.’

    I smell a 3-time loser, ladies and gents…

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